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The Wallace Collection urgently needs your help

As a national collection we receive a government grant to cover most of our basic running costs, but we must raise over £2m every year to fund areas including:

  • Conservation 
  • Education and access
  • Research and expertise

We rely on the generosity of individual supporters like you to help us reach this target.

We are very pleased to be a launch partner of DONATE*, from the National Funding Scheme, which makes it easy for anyone to give using new technologies. Below you will find out how you can support our painting conservation and education programmes by text and online.


Help Keep Cuyp Ship-Shape 

Aelbert Cuyp’s glorious painting has been identified by our experts as an urgent candidate for conservation. It needs re-lining and cleaning to keep it ship-shape.

Cuyp was one of the leading painters of the Dutch Golden Age, and was hugely popular with British art collectors. He was famous for his dramatic and atmospheric use of light, which is so evident here. Clouds cast shadows on the river below, and sunlight streams through the sails of the boats and plays on the crests of the waves.

Conserving this painting will cost £6,000 and will ensure that future generations of visitors will be able to enjoy it as much as we do today.

The Wallace Collection urgently needs to raise funds to conserve this painting and for other charitable projects. Thank you for your support.

TEXT WAL001 £5* to 70970 (*TEXT DONATIONS CAN BE £3, £5 AND £10)


Help Us Share Our Treasures

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy and learn from the treasures in our Collection. We are committed to ensuring that we are accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their age or background.

Our Education Department provides free sessions for schools, catering for children aged 4 to 18, and we are dedicated to widening access to our Collection. We offer a variety of specially devised sessions for pupils with Special Educational Needs, both at the museum and in schools, and we also cater for those who are D/deaf or hard of hearing, as well as the blind and partially-sighted. Our schools programme costs on average £3.30 per child so every donation really does make a difference.

The Wallace Collection urgently needs to raise funds to support its education programme and for other charitable activities. Thank you for your support.

TEXT WAL002 £5* to 70970 (*TEXT DONATIONS CAN BE £3, £5 AND £10)