The Wallace Collection

Théodore Gericault, A Charge of Cuirassiers Francem c. 1822 - c. 1823 (awaiting conservation)
Théodore Gericault, A Charge of Cuirassiers Francem c. 1822 - c. 1823 (awaiting conservation)
Community Project
Community Project
Trusts & Foundations

The support we receive from trusts and foundations is invaluable to us. Charitable grants underwrite much of our essential educational, community outreach, conservation and research work and without this support many of these activities would not be possible. If you are involved with a grant making trust or foundation and would like to consider supporting the Wallace Collection, there are a number of rewarding projects for which we are currently seeking funding. We will be happy to provide full information and trustees or other representatives of grant makers are welcome to visit the museum at any time to see our activities in action.

The Wallace Collection Education Department was founded in October 1998. The Centenary Project saw the development of a bespoke study centre/education space and by 2002-03 the facility was thriving. Today over 30,000 children, young people and adults are accessing the many workshops, study days, outreach programmes, concerts, conferences and special events on offer.

The Conservation Department is responsible for the well being of all objects in the Wallace Collection and specialises in the conservation of the decorative arts, in particular, furniture, picture frames, arms and armour and metalwork. It also plays a key role in the Trustees’ objectives to preserve the collection for future generations.

The Library and Archives

The Library and Archives offer an invaluable public resource for the study and appreciation of the Collection and its main art historical subjects, seeking to offer researchers specialized materials but also to serve a more general readership, such as museum visitors who just want to know more about the Collection and its history. Particular strengths of the Library include 18th-century French painting and decorative arts, arms and armour and rare books on the history of collecting, including a superb run of historic sale catalogues.  The Library seeks to keep up-to-date in its key subjects, to acquire rarer material when opportunities arise and to make its collections as accessible as possible to its wide range of users, whether in the reading room at the Wallace Collection, or remotely though our on-line resources.

A donation of £5,000 would allow the Wallace Collection to:

  • Deliver a Special Needs education programme for children with severe learning disabilities.
  • Proactively attract audiences that are not likely to enjoy the museum independently. Recently we have worked with hospital groups; prison groups; people affected by homelessness and/or mental health issues; people from different minority ethnic communities; refugees and asylum seekers; and people with differing access needs.
  • Pay for the translations of insciptions on all our Eastern arms, armour and related works of art.
  • Allow for a textile conservator to clean and stabilise elements of historic textile in the Collection.
  • Support the Library's rare book acquisition programme, crucial to maintaining the Library's role as a main research centre in the art historical subjects that lie at the heart of the Collection.

For further information please contact Vikki Hawkins on 020 7563 9558 or email.