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Moving Masters: Moving Velazquez's 'The Lady with a Fan' (c. 1640)
Moving Masters: Moving Velazquez's 'The Lady with a Fan' (c. 1640)
The Great Gallery before refurbishment
The Great Gallery before refurbishment
Moving Masters: The Great Gallery Refurbishment

Due to the refurbishment works there may be some noise disturbance in some of our galleries and in the Wallace Restaurant over coming months. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your patience while we undertake these building works.


The Great Gallery, one of the world’s greatest Old Master picture galleries, will undergo an extensive refurbishment programme from 22 October 2012. Re-opening in 2014, the refurbished gallery will be lit by natural daylight. In addition, new rich red wall silk will be hung on the walls, the decorations and floor will be refurbished and a sophisticated new lighting scheme will improve the view of the works of art.

The current hang of the works of art in the Great Gallery has been in place for over thirty years, so the refurbishment offers visitors the exciting opportunity to experience new conversations and connections between many of our most celebrated pieces as they are re-displayed in new, more intimate locations.

This re-display includes exhibiting many of these works of art in themed rooms and galleries. The Laughing Cavalier has moved, accompanied by other seventeenth-century Dutch Old Masters, into the Large Drawing Room, a room as eye-catching, arresting and dandyish as the sitter himself.  Velazquez’s The Lady with a Fan, can now be found in the Dining Room, a room focused on the European Baroque, linking many paintings with Spanish provenance and connections, including Titian’s Perseus and Andromeda, painted as part of the Poesie series for Philip II of Spain. The lives of colourful eighteenth-century British Royals, aristocrats and society figures, depicted by the Royal Academicians, are displayed in the West Room.

We hope you will enjoy the opportunity to experience the works of art and Collection in a new light, and of course return once the refurbishment is complete.

Please see below for a list of the new themes for each room, following last year's object moves:

Large Drawing Room
Seventeenth-Century Dutch Masters

West Room
Eighteenth-Century Royal Academicians

Dining Room, Billiard Room and Back State Room
European Baroque

Smoking Room and Sixteenth Century Gallery
Medieval and Renaissance Works of Art

Unfortunately, due to their size, some works of art from the Great Gallery will remain off display for the duration of the refurbishment. If you are making a special trip to the Wallace Collection to see a specific work, please check the current location of the object on our online collection database Wallace Live, or get in touch with, in advance, who will be able to advise you further.